Press for Boxee

Apple's newly redesigned, strikingly simple and unnervingly cheap Apple TV is going to be trouble for a lot of other companies in the media center space. Some, like Roku, may have trouble competing at all anymore, and some analysts have put the upcoming Boxee Box in the same category. Boxee, unsurprisingly, disagrees.

Apple unveiled its updated TV set-top box today, with new streaming functionality and 99-cent TV rentals from ABC and Fox. The offering represents Apple’s second attempt at capturing some of the online video market. Unlike the previous offering, this incarnation of the Apple TV comes at a lower price point — $99 compared to $229 –which should make it more attractive to consumers.

Boxee is the little guy in a battle for Web TV supremacy, so it’s fitting that the software company’s first movie selections are independent and obscure.

If you're a fan of Boxee, the open-source, run-on-anything media center software, you already know that you can stream your media from other devices in your home with it, watch YouTube, Vimeo, and  other Web video, watch TV shows using the service's TV Library, and also stream photos and listen to music with it. Now the folks behind Boxee have announced new partnerships with several movie studios and production companies to bring full-length films to the service. If you're already a Boxee user, an upgrade to the latest version will bring in the new movies. If you don't use Boxee but you're a fan of independent and feature films, now is a good time to start.