Press for Boxee

Boxee has developed its own Facebook social Open Graph app. It’s opt-in though, so if you don’t want to constantly share what you’re watching on TV, you don’t have to if you’re using Boxee.

Boxee is one of the rare success stories of a software company making the leap to consumer electronics. The formula is simple: a clear message combined with a solid product. Having smart and passionate people help too. And as shown by this video shot at TechCrunch’s CES booth, Boxee has both.

Part of Boxee's strategy to completely replace your cable box is, of all things, to show you live TV channels. The company's newest product is the Boxee Live TV, a dongle that plugs into the back of the Boxee Box, captures live over-the-air TV broadcasts, and plays them through the Boxee Box.

Sling Solo and Pro-HD owners are now able to stream live and recorded content from their SlingBox to any TV that’s connected to a Boxee device. And Boxee Box Live will go on sale in the US and Canada this month.