Press for Boxee

Boxee, creator of the Boxee Box, a D-Link device that streams live video to your television set, is getting ready to deploy updated software for PCs and Boxee Box devices. 

The best thing about the holidays is playing with your new gadgets — and the worst thing is struggling with your new gadgets. But fear no more: We’ve compiled a few key tips for new owners of the Boxee Box to improve set-up and get the most out of the device. For example, did you know you can stream from your iPhone to the Boxee Box via Airplay, and you’ll soon be able to watch live TV with your Boxee Box?

France 24 has concluded a distribution agreement with Boxee, an ‘over-the-top’ TV offer available via software, set-top boxes or applications for tabs and mobiles.
Mainly used in the United States and in Canada, but also available in a number of European countries, the Boxee platform will now include a dedicated Boxee 24 application in its global catalogue, allowing users to get access to the channel’s programmes in English (reports, talk shows, debates, etc.).

In recent years, there's been a lot of talk about the convergence of the Internet and the living room. Are Internet-based video options enough to make people cut the cord and ditch cable TV for the Web?