Press for Boxee

2011 was a heady year for the streaming media industry, as it continued its transition from a niche novelty to a mainstream powerhouse. To put the year in perspective and to look ahead to what 2012 might bring, Streaming Media spoke with some of the leading players in the industry. Here’s what they had to tell us.

Sling Media launched a new Slingplayer application for streaming media set-top box Boxee, the company revealed today.

I'm a cable-cutter. Since cancelling my Time Warner Cable subscription last year, I'm no longer spending $1,000-plus a year for a vibrant mix of programming, including cubic zirconia shopping networks, colon-cleansing infomercials, and Ukrainian soap operas. Life is good.

Boxee is releasing a new Live TV stick add-on for its streaming media set-top box that will allow owners to gain access to live television channels, the company announced today.