Press for Boxee

D-Link’s Boxee Box has gotten an update to version 1.2 today for its iPad app, adding new playback controls. The set-top box has also recently integrated Spotify and has now updated the service to allow Premium Spotify users to be able to access the service from anywhere in the world. The app was previously only accessible from certain countries.

GBTV, Glenn Beck’s live streaming video network, is now  available on all Boxee devices. A Boxee device — which looks pretty slick next to your TV — finds Internet programs and puts them on your TV. Chris Balfe, President and COO of Mercury Radio Arts said: “As a company passionate about the future of television, we are excited to partner with Boxee, one of the leaders in transforming the way people watch T.V.” Andrew Kippen, VP of Marketing at Boxee says, “Adding GBTV to our ever expanding library of apps helps expose a new audience to Boxee. It also brings Glenn Beck’s unique style to our audience of users around the globe that are hungry for commentary on the latest world events.”

Spotify continued its push into the living room with the launch of an app for the Boxee Box on Friday. This makes the Boxee Box the second connected device to get access to Spotify after WD launched its Spotify implementation last week.

Yes, we also know that a connected TV device is nothing new, but when you factor together style and dollar value, and you throw in functionality with options, few come close to what the Boxee Box from D-Linkoffers. So, the first thing you’re going to notice is the sick design. Sure, it might take styling cues from that old Xbox collecting dust in your closet, what with its black and green tones... actually, that might be where those styling cues begin and end. Perhaps it’s more like a Nintendo GameCube. No, no, it’s not that either, aside from the shared geometric shape. OK, so the Boxee Box is what you’d end up with if you cultivated an old Xbox and a GameCube in a test tube.