Press for Boxee

Yahoo and D-Link in India are taking steps to help Indian consumers access multimedia content more easily. After launching a Hindi-cinema streaming catalogue, Yahoo has tied up with TV content distributors. D-Link on the other hand has launched their Boxee Box in India.

Do you own a Boxee Box and have an account with a little streaming music service called MOG? Well, soon enough you'll be able to pick and choose from the company's 11.5 million song strong library right on your TV. That's 320kbps audio and album art in 1080p that you can peruse using your double-sided Boxee remote and a welcome expansion of the media box's music repertoire -- which currently includes Last.FM and Pandora. You can try MOG for 14-days for free, but after that you'll have to sign up for either a $4.99-a-month basic account or a $9.99-per-month Primo account if you want to keep enjoying its streaming audio selection. Check out the PR after the break.

Streaming content company Boxee released a new iPad app Tuesday aimed at getting more people to use its media center software and boosting adoption of its streaming media set-top boxes.  The Boxee iPad app could easily become one of the most essential tools for people who have ditched their cable subscriptions in favor of watching streaming video on the internet.

Boxee Box users will soon have a new way to access TV shows on the device of their choice: Third-party developers are currently working on a SageTV app for Boxee, which could bring DVR functionality to the media player. Talk about an unofficial SageTV Boxee app popped up this weekend on Boxee’s forums, and adventurous Boxee users can already install an early proof-of-concept.