Press for GroupMe

GroupMe, a New York-based start-up whose wireless applications let people create private text-messaging groups, has acquired a small application developer Sensobi as the fast-growing company continues its expansion. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

There’s simple elegance in a text message: Maybe you send an emoticon or an “I love you,” but more often than not it’s just a quick update. It’s like a Tweet, except more ubiquitous. You can’t count on people reading Twitter. With text, you most always can.

Group-texting app GroupMe -- the darling of tech conference SXSW -- is capitalizing on its trendy hipster startup status by partnering with marketers and allowing brands to create groups, which gives companies access to the real-life networks that GroupMe users build on the texting platform.

GroupMe is a New York startup in the hot field of group messaging. Its application allows people to share messages within a circle. Co-founder Jared Hecht, a former business development executive for Tumblr, explains how the concept applies to everyday life, why it relies on simple texting and what it has planned to generate ad revenue.