Press for GroupMe

Fresh off a successful feature release and marketing binge at SXSW, group messaging startup GroupMe is revealing part of its plan for working with brands, and with it, some hints as to how the well-funded company might make money in the future.

After spending a couple days at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW or "South by," as the hipsters call it), my theory that there's a social app for everything is confirmed. While 99% of these social apps seem to add to the chaos of online living, one stood out as simplifying things: GroupMe. There are a lot of others jumping into this space including Mogwee (owned by Ning), Twilio, Beluga (acquired by Facebook), and numerous others.

As if to further demonstrate the rising place of New York City in the digital space, a city startup has followed the likes of Twitter and Foursquare to win the Breakout Digital Trend award at the South by Southwest festival in Austin.

There are few things better than free beer. Mix that with melted cheese and toasted bread, and you have a combination that satisfies even the deepest of human desires. And they’re available just outside the main convention center at SXSW, both free of charge.