Press for Plum District

It's no secret that moms everywhere are looking for ways to save money on their favorite products and services. Through a new extended partnership, customers of, the nation's largest online baby retailer, now have access to a wide variety of deals created especially for moms by Plum District, the leading daily offers site that was created for moms, by moms.

Plum District, Created for Moms by Moms, has just released its latest Plum Deal and this one has Bethenny Frankel’s seal of approval. has provided a unique money saving offer to get $10 worth of hair bows or hair bands for only $5. This special offer is designed to help loving mothers, fathers, aunts or grandmothers find the perfect gift for the little princess in their family. The bows and accessories that are offered by this new online retailer are all custom made using high quality ribbons, patterns and fabrics to give a lot of fashion for an affordable price.

Findings from a recent survey of moms reveals what Mom is really looking for on Mother's Day. From a delicious brunch, to a pampering massage, or a special zoo outing with the kids, Mom wants the perfect blend of time for herself and time with her family.

Is parenthood inspiring your entrepreneurial instincts? Consider the stories of these cool companies for modern parents from a range of industries.