Press for CCP Games

Although CCP Games has put its massively multiplayer online (MMO) game based on its popular World of Darkness franchise on the backburner to focus on EVE Online and Dust 514, development continues on the game. Chris McDonough, one of the visionaries behind the MMO, was on hand at the CCP Games Grand Masquerade in New Orleans to offer some new details about the MMO game in the exclusive video interview below.

The feature page for EVE Online's next major patch Crucible 1.1 has gone live, with a comprehensive list of the features we can expect when it's released on Tuesday January 24th. As the patch has probably now entered feature lockdown, the feature page is now a complete listing of the updates we can expect. The patch finalises the changeover of player owned starbases to the convenient new fuel block system, and the six changes revealed in Team BFF's last devblog will also be going into effect.

The dream is over. EVE Online's dev teams -- formerly known as Team Best Friends Forever and Team Pink Zombie Kittens -- are breaking up. Fortunately, this is because there are so many devs at this point that CCP is reorganizing its devs into three new teams: Team Super Friends, Game of Drones, and Five 0.

CCP Games today announced it has appointed David Reid as its new chief marketing officer. Reid will helm the global marketing efforts for CCP's critically acclaimed massively-multiplayer online game (MMOG) EVE Online, and its groundbreaking console first person shooter (FPS) DUST 514, which will premiere exclusively on Sony'sPlayStation®3 (PS3™) in 2012. He will also drive the marketing strategy for World of Darkness, an MMOG currently in preproduction by CCP.