Press for CCP Games

Back in November, CCP was gearing up for the release of EVE Online's entire Incursion expansion. Although the expansion wasn't quite ready, CCP's developers felt committed to their planned release schedule. Player feedback on the issue was in strong opposition, with players worried that the expansion might be released in an unfinished or rushed state and then not be revisited for months to come.  In a promising move, CCP opted to switch to a staged release plan.  Parts of the expansion that were ready were released immediately, with a further release in December for parts that had been completed that month.

An inevitable consequence of EVE Online's periodic graphical upgrades is that support for old graphics cards and computers has to be dropped. The last major change to EVE's system requirements removed support for graphics cards lower than a Shader Model 2.0 standard. A very small number of players were affected by the change, and the dropping of support for old shader models gave CCP the freedom they needed to keep EVE's graphics above par.

The first two stages of EVE Online's new Incursion expansion were released in November and December, bringing us some much-needed UI fixes and removing learning skills from the game. Citing a commitment to polishing the expansion's main features before publishing them, CCP delayed most of the expansion until a third major patch. Scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 18th, the third phase of Incursion will include the extremely impressive new Incarna character builder and periodic Sansha invasions into constellations across EVE.

Despite calls for some new features, the EVE Online forums haven't changed much at all since their release in 2003. A search feature was added several years ago, but it failed to produce reliable results. As usually happens when there's something missing in EVE, the community filled in the gaps with Chribba's popular EVE-Search forum archive and search tool. In a new devblog, CCP Alice has revealed that the forum will finally get a face-lift during the Incursion expansion.