Press for CCP Games

This was a big year for EVE Online, with the release of the Tyrannis expansion and some awesome news stories spreading across the internet like digital wildfire. The year was off to a good start in February with some epic political drama as GoonSwarm alliance was disbanded from the inside. More recently, EVE hit a landmark moment as over 3,000 players gathered in one solar system to fight and the server node they were on didn't crash.

The backstory in CCP'sEVE Online often gets overlooked in favor of the pew pew, the internet spaceships, and the dastardly deeds of the title's infamous meta-gaming crowd. CCP has nonetheless continued to pump out a number of lore chronicles over the years, with the newest focusing on the brewing conflict between the Sansha and EVE's demi-god capsuleers. The latest installment, Uplifted, is penned by CCP Headfirst and is a special addition to CCP's usual chronicle publishing schedule.

EVE Online's complex user interface has been a sticking point for many new and prospective players over the years. Although the interface has been drastically improved in the seven years that EVE has been in operation, it lacks much of the customisability players expect from a modern MMO. Players have been asking for UI overhauls and customisation options for some time, and it seems CCP is finally poised to deliver on those requests. In a new devblog, CCP Optimal has explained some preliminary UI overhauls coming with the Incursion expansion's final release on January 18th.

"So our key theme for the new character creator is that the player was to feel that he personally, single-handedly, through his decisions and skill created a hyper-realistic human representation of his character in-game," Torfi Frans Ólafsson, creative director of EVE Online, explained to Gamasutra in a developer diary describing the intent of the new character creator in the Incursion expansion. EVE Online is breaking new ground by giving players the ability to create "hyper-realistic and yet slightly exaggerated and cinematic" characters, as Art Director Ásgeir Jon Ásgeirsson says.