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Every now and then on the EVE Online forums, someone will make a post about World of Warcraft. Sometimes a player will ask why CCP doesn't adopt an idea or two from the industry giant, or sometimes he'll just announce that he's quitting as soon as the next WoW expansion comes out. Recently, I saw a rather inflammatory statement in one of these threads that made me think. Someone wrote that "When a player quitsEVEand goes to WoW, the average IQ in both games increases," implying that only stupid people quit EVE and that even the stupidest EVE player is smarter than the average WoW player.

Over the years, the EVE Online community has produced some stunning creative works. From epic videos that have been years in the making to fictional stories or artwork, EVE has inspired some fantastic creative efforts. Last month, CCP posted the first of a new monthly series of devblogs highlighting the creative efforts of people in the EVE community. In last month's installment, CCP Fallout looked at two of her favourite fan-run websites -- EVE News 24 and Skill Training Complete.

EVE Online is a massive, multiplayer online role-playing space combat game and seems to be one of the only science fiction MMORPGs to enjoy any semblance of stability and profit since World of Warcraft began dominating the market. EVE has been around for quite some time — since 2003 actually — however, with the new Incursion expansion, I felt it was worth revisiting.

In last week's EVE Evolved, I released details of the brand-new Massively Mob corporation in EVE Online. Although the Massively Mob corp is a great place for readers to congregate, chat and play together, its primary purpose is to provide a financial safety net for new players. Anyone can join the corp and gain access to a stockpile of modules, skillbooks, implants and pre-insured ships that can be used to explore everything the game has to offer. The idea is to take the harsh fear of death and learning curve out of EVE for new players and so encourage them to try new things. To help with that, the Mob will be running regular themed event nights during which we explore different aspects of EVE's gameplay.