Press for CCP Games

As fans of Auto Assault, Tabula Rasa, and Fury can attest to, massively multiplayer online games sometimes don't have large-scale life spans to match. Each panelist has experience running MMOGs that are at least five years old, and they agreed to share some of their strategies for acquiring new players and keeping old ones.

CCP Manticore has posted on the EVE Insider Dev Blog that CCP Games is looking for brave and adventurous pilots to fly on over to the Singularity server and test out the new dungeons for Incursion, the next expansion for the space-faring MMO.

If you fancy being a vampire, but don't want all that bothersome sparkling, then EVE Online creator CCP has the game for you.

The deadly Sansha's Nation aims to create its own utopia, taking down any pilots who get in its way in EVE Online: Incursion, the latest expansion for CCP's outer space MMO, due out in November.