Press for CCP Games

CCP Games is allowing Eve Online players to take a break from their virtual scams and wars by donating their in-game PLEX currency to contribute real aid to those affected by recent catastrophic flooding in Pakistan.

CCP Games and deviantART have announced the Create a Starship Contest. Entrants will compete for a chance to have their artwork converted into a ship for CCP's EVE Online sci-fi MMO. Other prizes include cash and iPad.

The trade deficit is soaring. Home sales are plunging. Companies uncertain about the future are sitting on growing piles of cash rather than hiring or expanding.  Those are the sorts of recent trends that have been adding to the malaise stemming from still-high unemployment and slumping financial markets.

You might remember that we told you last month that CCP was going to allow players to transport PLEX in their ships. If you don’t recall what PLEX is, it’s basically 30 days worth of game time that can be traded in-game for ISK, the currency of EVE. The introduction of PLEX was an innovative way to allow players to basically buy currency in-game.  If you haven’t played EVE Online, here’s an important piece of information: if your ship is destroyed, there is a random chance that any cargo and ship attachments will survive the explosion, allowing them to be looted by the player who took you out. Obviously, this is an incentive for players to attack other players, and a risk if you’re transporting any PLEX in your cargo hold.