Press for CCP Games

There's talk that EVE Online developer CCP is to lift the lid on its World of Darkness vampire MMO at a fan convention in September.

Online gamers received quite the scare last week when Blizzard announced it would require message board posters to use their real names. This was to be done in order to fight the scourge of online anonymity. The Internet freaked out, of course, so much so that Blizzardeventually changed its mind. I mention this up to not open old wounds, but to take the time to remind you of this: there are other MMOs in the world besides World of Warcraft. In fact, I’ve been playing one such MMO, the outer space-themed Eve Online(developed by Iceland’s CCP Games), for several days now. Come, let us enter a world (universe, really) of spaceships, cross-galaxy pirate raids, and Astronomical Units!

CCP, the Icelandic developer behind Eve Online, has opened a new UK-based studio in Newcastle. Sweet.  Focusing on console games, CCP Newcastle will collaborate with Shanghai-based CCP Asia on the excellent-looking Dust 514, an MMO shooter that will link with the Eve Online universe.

Starting June 29 players of CCP Games' sci-fi MMO, EVE Online, will have the chance to receive a free ship. The Primae is a vessel specifically designed to aid in the recently added option for players to extract minerals from the surfaces of planets. Until July 13 players can log in and receive one of the new vessels.