Press for CCP Games

Readers of PC-Gamer magazine have voted the Icelandic online computer game EVE Online as the third best computer game ever.  Readers of the magazine voted for their favourite games, placing EVE Online among some well-known names, including World of Warcraft, Quake and Doom.

CCP makes outer space look good, and the trend continues with the trailer for EVE Online: Tyrannis, an expansion pack due out this month for the sci-fi MMO that finally opens up New Eden's planets to resource-hungry players.

CCP has now launched the feature page for the upcoming Tyrannis expansion for EVE Online. While 'capsuleers' will still have to wait until May 18 before they can enjoy the new features that Tyrannis will introduce, they can now get a hint of how the EVE MMO experience will evolve with the addition of planetary colonisation, and learn about EVE Gate, EVE Online's soon-to-be-released web-based social networking platform.