Press for CCP Games

Japanese sandbox fans are saying domo arigato this morning, as CCP and Nexon have officially launched a localized version of EVE Online in the land of the rising sun.

CCP Games and Nexon Co., Ltd. (3659:Tokyo) are proud to announce the successful live launch of the much-anticipated localized Japanese version of CCP's massively multiplayer science-fiction game, EVE Online, on March 28 (March 29, Tokyo time).

When I first heard about Ubisoft’s Far Cry “multi-player online universe” I mused:
“What I’ve always wanted to see in an online first-person-shooter and what I haven’t seen yet is an attempt to stage a real online FPS war. No NPC characters at all, no bots. The players would control everything and would rise up in the ranks. As you rose higher in the ranks, you’d be in charge of other players or entire regions, setting strategy and calling in air support and so forth. Get even higher, and you’d have to coordinate supply chains or risk letting other players run out of ammo, grenades, and medkits.”

While day one of CCP's Fanfest was focused on Dust 514, day two is all about EVE Online, and the schedule is jam packed with panels. The day's sessions all culminated with the EVE Online keynote speech, where the developers openly discussed the previous year of EVE and what to expect in 2012.