Press for CCP Games

EVE Online aims to revamp PvP in its upcoming Inferno expansion. In addition to continuing the good work that started with Crucible, Inferno will revamp the wardec system, iterate on faction warfare, and introduce new ships and modules for players to smash to pieces. It sounds like the perfect PvP expansion, and today at the EVE Fanfest, CCP revealed some firm details of exactly what the wardec and faction warfare revamps will entail.

It's that time of the year again, when thousands of EVE Online fans from across the globe fly to Iceland for the party at the top of the world. Every year, Fanfest is packed with high-profile reveals, sneak previews at what's to come, panels discussing hot topics, and round tables giving players the opportunity to discuss their ideas directly with developers.

The days leading up to this year's EVE OnlineFanfest are fading quickly, and this weekend, fans of internet spaceships from around the world will descend upon Reykjavik. In light of that, it's probably about time that attendees start planning their schedules, and CCP is here to help them do just that.

We're just over a week away from EVE Online'sFanfest 2012, but unfortunately it isn't always convenient for the game's worldwide fans to take a weekend trip to Reykjavik. The folks at CCP know this, and they've got it all under control. Players who aren't lucky enough to get to attend the event in-person will have the opportunity to be there in (virtual) spirit with thanks to a livestream of the event on EVE TV.