Press for CCP Games

As part of CCP's refocusing on EVE Online, the studio announced that work had begun on a new game launcher last November. Players with an out-of-date client currently receive a patch popup on logging in that requires the client to be restarted, and frequent optional patches to fix non-critical issues can force you to restart the client several times. The new patcher brings EVE up to the industry standard for MMO clients, pre-loading the game in the background and announcing when it's ready to launch.

CCP Games today announced that player elections within its science-fiction game, EVE Online, have drawn over 33,000 votes, more than the number of votes in two Super Tuesday presidential primaries combined.
More players have voted for their representatives in EVE than voted for candidates in the Alaska and North Dakota primaries on March 6. With polls open for the next six days, voter participation in EVE Online has reached 8 percent, surpassing participation in four of the ten Republican contests. At current voting rates, voter participation in EVE will exceed all ten.

CCP Games today announced that DUST 514, its fiercely innovative massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS) will be free-to-play on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. DUST 514 is the first console game of its kind, set in the massive shared, persistent EVE Universe. Players will be able to download the game for free via PlayStation®Network and jump directly into the most enthralling and sophisticated virtual world ever created. The first global hands-on demonstration of DUST 514 will take place at CCP's EVE Fanfest March 22-24 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

CCP Games and Nexon Co., Ltd. (TSE: 3659), announced today that they will launch the much-anticipated localized Japanese version of CCP's massively multiplayer science-fiction game, EVE Online, on March 28 (March 29, Tokyo time).