Press for CCP Games

CCP Games today announced that it has granted online game publisher TianCity exclusive rights to publish the renowned science-fiction MMORPG EVE Online in mainland China.

Much like Dwarf Fortress, space MMO EVE Online can be an absolute treat to hear tales from, but an absolute pig to get into yourself. As part of its renewed commitment to its community after the ill-fated 'Incarna' update, developer CCP has formed an internal team to try to make EVE less intimidating to new players.

Verne Global, an innovative, UK-based developer of power conscious data centre campuses, today announced that CCP Games (CCP), one of the world's leading independent game developers and the creator of EVE Online, is moving some of its corporate hosting to its data centre campus in Iceland. After a careful study of alternatives to its primary hosting facility in London, CCP identified Verne Global as a very attractive hosting option; based on the site's 100% dual sourced renewable power grid, long-term power price visibility and strategic location between its two primary markets.

If EVE Online's website were a teenage girl in a movie -- and we're not for a moment suggesting that it's not -- today is the day she'd go through one of those peppy makeover montages and ultimately reveal the beauty that was there all along (just in hiding -- stupid glasses). The new design is up for the world to see, sporting a sleek sexiness along with an interesting ticker relating the latest and greatest from the game. CCP is hoping that the redesign will come off as more "user friendly" for newbies.