Press for Flite

Online advertising startup Flite has released a new version of its service that brings real-time content and a range  of new applications directly to display ads.

Flite, the leader in cloud-based advertising, today announced the new high-profile hire of Tim Krozek as Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development. In recent weeks, Flite also expanded its Advisory Board to welcome Jeff Epstein, former CFO of Oracle and current board member at, and Matthew Yorke, President at IDG Global Solutions. The Advisory Board is comprised of industry leaders who provide thought leadership and business insight to Flite.

Flite, the leader in cloud-based advertising, is pleased to announce the launch of FliteHub, an ad component marketplace. FliteHub enables brands to program display ads with the web's leading applications. FliteHub components deliver the best of the web directly in the ad unit, dramatically improving user engagement, brand recall, and purchase intent.

When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad? Can't remember? That's because display advertising - which commands 24% of the dollars spent online - is broken. It needs a refresh. Enter Flite.