Press for Bigcommerce

BigCommerce-powered online stores around the world have now processed over $600 million in sales, with $150 million in the first two months of 2012.
The BigCommerce platform has processed 5.7 million orders and a staggering 28.8 million items. 1.3 million orders and 6.2 million items have already been sold in 2012 alone.

Former Atlassian executive, Soren Harner has been recruited by e-commerce outfit BigCommerce as the company’s new vice director for engineering.
In his new position, Mr Harner will oversee a team of over 25 engineers in the design development and testing of new software.

Growth guru Eddie Machaalani, 33, runs the e-commerce software giant BigCommerce. Based in Sydney's Surry Hills, BigCommerce powers more than 20,000 online retailers around the world and employs 60 staff at its Austin, Texas branch.

E-commerce platform company BigCommerce has set up a $2 million fund for developers. With the launch of the fund, the Sydney, Australia-based company aims to sway third-party developers into submitting their integration and application ideas for Web, mobile or desktop apps that make use of the BigCommerce API.