Press for Airbnb

We spoke to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky after his talk onstage at the GigaOM Roadmap conference — during the talk Chesky spoke about many possible avenues for the company’s expansion but didn’t commit himself to any one path.

Airbnb is a pioneer in short-term rentals for travelers.
The San Francisco startup helps people rent their places out to visitors by providing them a template to post pictures and a ready-made market of interested travelers. It then takes a 10% cut of each sale.

Welcome to another edition of Starred, where we take you deep inside the inboxes of our favorite CEOs, entrepreneurs, and VCs. Think that first message Jack Dorsey ever sent to Biz Stone describing his crazy idea for a 140-character blogging platform--the emails you've had starred in your inbox for years, saved almost solely for nostalgia. Joining us today, Joe Gebbia, cofounder and chief product officer of Airbnb:

Airbnb is an online service that lets users arrange short-term rentals of their homes or apartments, serving as an alternative for those who prefer staying in a homelier environment than a hotel room. A survey recently sent to current hosts (those who make their homes available on the service) reveals that the company is exploring car sharing, supplanting the need for a hotel and a rental car.