Press for Brightcove

Filing the paperwork for an initial public offering is like buying the perfect bathing suit for a beach party. Yes, you’ve taken the first step by finding something to wear, but you still need people to show up at the party and warm weather, too.

Brightcove President and COO David Mendels thinks that it won’t take very long for WebM to overtake H.264, he told me during an interview on the day Google announced its new open source video format last week. Video publishers will be eager to adopt the new format, he said, adding: “It’s open, it’s free and it’s high quality. So what’s not to like?” Check out the complete interview below.

Flash doesn’t work on the iPad, pretty much making online videoadvertising a non-issue. But leading video technology provider Brightcove says it has a solution.

The company has announced that it will soon begin assisting itspartners in delivering video content and advertising using HTML5,the Web site technology format which, as an alternative to Flashtechnology, enables video to be viewed on iPhones, iTouches andiPads. That’s potentially big news for brands that advertising onthe Web via video—particularly given that Apple has already sold amillion iPads—mostly to a highly desirable, early adopter consumerbase.

It was just a few years ago that Adobe’s Flash revolutionized video publishing by enabling media companies to reach a vast number of consumers with a plugin that ensured a consistent rich media experience across multiple operating systems and browsers. Now, Brightcove might be at the forefront of the next revolution of video publishing, as those companies face a new challenge: how to publish video on multiple devices, all of which have different software support and different encoding requirements.