Press for HubSpot

The Pulse Network (TPN), a leading provider of digital media and event solutions, as well as innovative Enterprise Social TV programming, and HubSpot, the pioneer in inbound marketing software, have announced they are teaming up to support TPN's upcoming Inbound Marketing Summit events in San Francisco (June 12-13) and Boston (October 23-24).  IMS is the longest-running conference series dedicated to digital, social, mobile and inbound marketing and was launched in Boston with MITX, HubSpot and other founding partners.  Focused on the 'new content' and 'new channels' changing the face of marketing, IMS brings together a unique mix of inspirational speakers, industry watchers, marketing pros, cutting edge content and exhibits, and real-world case studies delivered interview style on stage with a TPN host.

Brian Halligan is CEO of HubSpot, a marketing software company.
His company has grown from generating leads exclusively for small business to embracing the same opportunity for mid-size companies. Halligan discussed his company's quest to create a marketing OS as well as recent company developments with AdExchanger.

Boston-based inbound marketing company Hubspot has created a comprehensive suite of marketing automation software tools that help companies efficiently manage their online (inbound) marketing efforts. Hubspot’s all-in-one solution helps your business connect with prospects interested in your product or service, generate qualified leads, and ultimately drive sales conversions. They do this by providing a host of tools that integrate your web-based marketing with your social media, creating a seamless online experience.
Perhaps most importantly, Hubspot’s platform provides robust analytics to measure and analyze the results of your online marketing, including your social media marketing.

Yesterday, Dharmesh Shah and Paul English, the founders and chief technology officers of HubSpot and Kayak, respectively, switched roles for a day in the name of innovation. Each man reported to work at the other's office, offering an outside perspective and, in the process, gain valuable insights for his own company.