Press for HubSpot

Remember HubSpot? The Cambridge-based startup that has tapped the rising tide of social media by creating Inbound Marketing.  We’ve told you about many facets of this company already, but timeout:
Did you know that HubSpot supplies all kinds of free social media tools for non-paying users to take advantage of? I’ll cut to the chase and tell you about the newest one, because it’s a total innovation over their previous releases

The burrito he purchased from Boloco was poorly wrapped, so Harvard senior Anthony Britt tweeted about it on Twitter, the popular social network.  The next day, the chief executive of Boloco, John Pepper, responded on Twitter: “can I help or make it up somehow?’’

HubSpot, Inc. announces enhancements to its Prospect Tracking application (, an integrated tool in HubSpot's software allowing marketers and sales teams to map anonymous site visits to actual companies, which lets users identify potential target customers and understand whether their account penetration activities are working before a prospect converts on a landing page. The tool's new improvements include enhanced company information as well as sharable URLs for easy sales communication.

HubSpot, Inc. and HubSpot's CEO announcedtwo major initiatives today via its Company News Blog. Both aim to transform the marketing services industry by helping services firms (SEO consultants, social media consultants, PR firms, ad agencies, Web designers, etc.) learn about and sell inbound marketing services and by helping bring transparency to the industry for customers who are trying to find qualified, modern service providers.