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The Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust has implemented Imprivata OneSign, giving more than 3,500 clinicians access to the single sign-on technology.  The ongoing rollout of OneSign across the trust’s two main sites will provide users with a single point of secure authentication to multiple applications, including the patient administration system, pathology, radiology and PACS.

The daily Web habits of a typical 18-year-old college student named Li Yufei show why American Internet companies, one after another, have had trouble penetrating what is now the world’s most wired nation.

CCP has now launched the feature page for the upcoming Tyrannis expansion for EVE Online. While 'capsuleers' will still have to wait until May 18 before they can enjoy the new features that Tyrannis will introduce, they can now get a hint of how the EVE MMO experience will evolve with the addition of planetary colonisation, and learn about EVE Gate, EVE Online's soon-to-be-released web-based social networking platform.

Boxee is looking for a developer to build an app to stream video to Apple's iPhone and iPad. Boxee also hopes to get on Google's Android-based devices. Boxee's Avner Ronen said the iPad's debut changed his focus to mobile devices. To avoid the Flash battle raging between Apple and Adobe Systems, Boxee might use transcode to convert videos.