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Popular casual producer and publisher Big Fish Games has released a new downloadable title based on the popular Zhu Zhu Pets children's toys, which offer cuddly, scurrying robot hamsters. The game is reminiscent of Sega's Super Monkey Ball and its spiritual predecessor Marble Madness.

Vitrue claims to have pegged the media value of a brand’s “fans” on social media: a fan base of 1 million equals at least $3.6 million in equivalent media over the course of a year, the social media specialist says.

Apple’s recent launch of the iPadhas triggered intensifying interest in online video distribution, which seems to be reflected in a string of announcements that coincide with today’s kickoff of the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual conference in Las Vegas.

As if reminding everyone of the size of their network, Cambridge, MA-based Akamai Technologies(NASDAQ: AKAM), announced today that unprecedented demand for online coverage of major sport events—including streaming video—pushed traffic on its global network to a single-day peak of 3.45 terabits per second on Friday. That’s roughly equivalent to the capacity needed to download the entire text of the U.S.Library of Congressin less than a minute.

RawVoice, a leader in new media distribution, trend tracking and content monetization, announces the availability of the first two customizable, branded distribution apps for media via the Boxee and Roku new media players.