Press for XIR/Growth

The EVE Online community hasrequested that we begin a “PLEX for Good: Japan” effort to help those currentlysuffering unimaginable hardship following the earthquake andtsunami of March 11, 2011. PLEX for Good is a charitable programinitiated by the players of EVE Online that has allowed them todonate in-game currency to be “reverse redeemed” by CCP(through the PLEX system) into real-worldcurrency donated on their behalf to relief organizations.

EVE Online lead designer Noah Ward has a tough job. Not only does he have to keep hundreds of thousands of players who enjoy the service happy by constantly updating and improving the game for them, he has to try and expand its audience -- while also not ruining the game for its existing fans. He has to figure out how to get the online console shooter Dust 514, under development in CCP's Shanghai studio, integrated with the main MMO without disrupting it -- in fact, make it additive to the experience.

Are you heading to Iceland for the EVE Online Fanfest coming up at the end of this month? Have some spare cash that you'd like to see go to a great cause? As part of its charity events at Fanfest this year, CCP is offering a super-special VIP tour of its studios -- a tour that is currently being auctioned off via a silent email auction. All proceeds from the auction will be going to benefit Get Well Gamers, a charity that helps provide games and consoles to the childrens' ward at many hospitals.

In stunning statistics revealed today at GDC, EVE Online developers CCP announced that the game currently has over 360,000 subscribers.
Distributed Systems Architect Jacky Mallett explained that “we hit a new peak of online usage, 63,170 users online concurrently” on January 23. That’s 63,170 pilots sailing across the black in EVE’s online universe.