Press for XIR/Growth

Of all the MMOs on the market today, EVE Online has perhaps one of the steepest learning curves. This is something the game's developer, CCP Games, has been trying to tackle through improved tutorials and updates to the new player experience. While CCP makes progress on that front, the EVE player community has made its own efforts in helping new players by producing helpful guides and tools. Last year, EVE player Laci released the impressive Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase guide, an exhaustive guide to practically everything in EVE. The guide was translated from its popular Hungarian version and released online for free as a PDF download.

Seattle-based Big Fish Games has added Geoff Entress to its board. Entress is a venture partner with Voyager Capital and a former venture partner with Madrona Venture Group. He serves on a handful of other boards, including publicly traded, as well as Liquid Planner and Dashwire. Founded in 2002, Big Fish Games develops and distributes casual games.

When EVE Online's Tyrannis expansion was first released, developers promised that a team would be assigned to iterate on the core planetary interaction feature. Numerous user interface tweaks have been deployed since then in hotfixes, but the biggest gameplay improvements so far have just arrived with last week's final Incursion expansion deployment.

The moment EVE Online players have been waiting for has finally arrived. Sansha's Nation has begun its plan of regular incursions into known space. Using terrifying advanced technology suspected to be of Sleeper or Jovian origin, the Nation has begun sending masses of troops through controlled wormholes into constellations across New Eden.