Press for XIR/Growth

EVE Online, the ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ developed by Iceland’s CCP Games, has recently been announced as the most innovative game in 2010 by, a leading video games website.

Back in November, CCP was gearing up for the release of EVE Online's entire Incursion expansion. Although the expansion wasn't quite ready, CCP's developers felt committed to their planned release schedule. Player feedback on the issue was in strong opposition, with players worried that the expansion might be released in an unfinished or rushed state and then not be revisited for months to come.  In a promising move, CCP opted to switch to a staged release plan.  Parts of the expansion that were ready were released immediately, with a further release in December for parts that had been completed that month.

An inevitable consequence of EVE Online's periodic graphical upgrades is that support for old graphics cards and computers has to be dropped. The last major change to EVE's system requirements removed support for graphics cards lower than a Shader Model 2.0 standard. A very small number of players were affected by the change, and the dropping of support for old shader models gave CCP the freedom they needed to keep EVE's graphics above par.

Actavis Group has inaugurated a new expansion pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Iceland.  Actavis said the new site will not use fossil fuel in tablet manufacturing and packaging, generating zero carbon footprint.