Press for XIR/Growth

Several travel and search website companies, along with Microsoft Corp., are banding together in an attempt to buy Cambridge travel technology company ITA Software Inc. from under the nose of Internet giant Google Inc., according to people involved in the discussions.

Eager to snap up a company that makes some much-used travel-search technology—and keep it out of Google Inc.'s hands—several potential buyers are circling ITA Software Inc., according to people familiar with the matter.

CCP, the Icelandic developer behind Eve Online, has opened a new UK-based studio in Newcastle. Sweet.  Focusing on console games, CCP Newcastle will collaborate with Shanghai-based CCP Asia on the excellent-looking Dust 514, an MMO shooter that will link with the Eve Online universe.

ITA Software, Inc., the leading provider of innovative solutions for the travel industry, today announced that Virgin Atlantic Airways has successfully deployed QPX™ for its website, Virgin Atlantic joins a growing number of European-based airlines using QPX to deliver advanced airfare pricing and shopping capabilities.