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BBN Technologies has achieved a major advance in quantum information technology with the coupling of light and superconductors.

After three weeks of contests, Pandemic Legion came away from AT8 with their third straight win, beating out HYDRA RELOADED for the title.  Over the course of the last three weeks, the EVE Online Alliance Tournament has been going on, with matches shown live each Saturday and Sunday. The first and second place winners each receive 50 units of a "unique" ship, one that is not available any other way, and never will will be. In the past, we've seen some of these unique ships flown in the later tournaments, including three Frekis flown this year by last year's runners-up.

Raytheon Co. said Monday that one of its subsidiaries has won a $17 million U.S. Department of Defense contract to help government analysts translate information from foreign languages.

Raytheon BBN Technologies has taken in $17 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to use in developing rapid translation software to apply to Arabic and Chinese news sources.