Press for XIR/Growth

Big Fish Games announced today the release of its first true high-definition hidden object game, Flux Family Secrets: The Rabbit Hole, on its web site.

CCP has announced that its MMO EVE Online broke the previous record for the most players online at once on Sunday.

CCP's space-faring MMORPG EVE Online is known for what some may term mildly as "accessibility issues." But while many game developers are clamoring to attract a wide base of users through better accessibility, CCP is focused more on nurturing an existing hardcore fanbase.

The subscription MMORPG EVE Online rolled out a very virtual world-like new feature this week, a social network that exists both inside and outside the game world. The social network, called EVE Gate, will represent both players' avatar identities and their real-life selves. EVE Gate will also function as a Web front-end for conducting in-game business. EVE Online serves "only" about 350,000 regular subscribers, but has a high stickiness factor thanks to its immersive player-controlled virtual economy.