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Gird up for tingles, thrill, adventure and walloping fun. Big Fish Games has just released a new gaming app for iPhone users, the Amazon: Hidden Expedition. The mesmeric game takes players on an adventure into the stunning world of the Amazon with the Hidden Expedition team in search of a missing professor.

In the early 1990s, Jeremy Wertheimer started thinking about how smarter software could change the travel industry.  This was before the emergence of the Web, but Wertheimer, a doctoral student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s artificial intelligence lab, was already convinced that travel agents needed a more flexible way to search for airfares than the mainframe-based systems they were using, which dated back to the 1960s.

A low-profile software company in Cambridge may be worth $1 billion to Internet search giant Google Inc.  ITA Software Inc. makes sophisticated software for major online travel services such as and and airlines such as Continental Airlines Inc. and Air Canada. They depend on ITA software, which allows them to organize complex airfare information for online shoppers.

Google is in talks to acquire ITA Software, an airline I.T. and services provider, in a deal that could end up costing the search giant $1 billion, Bloomberg News reported, citing three people familiar with the matter. ITA Software, based in Cambridge, Mass., may seek about $1 billion, Bloomberg said, but added that the talks may not lead to a transaction.