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HubSpot Inc. announces its new Channel Partner and Franchisee Program to drive more leads and sales to partner and franchise networks. HubSpot, a SaaS provider of inbound marketing software and methodologies, has designed its new program to make it easier to generate content and drive more leads to networks of channel partners, distributors, and franchisees.

Ooyala, the leading end-to-end online video platform provider, today announced that it will power video for DECA -- the premier lifestyle digital media company behind,,, and other top entertainment and community sites.
DECA delivers high-quality programming to educated, engaged, and upscale women online. DECA sites have original programming created in partnership with award-winning bloggers, best-selling authors and celebrity chefs. Sites like and are online communities where users can participate in topical discussions, ask questions, and share experiences.

China's leading video website Tudou( ) announces the open beta of its mobile video technologyusing HTML5 and HTTP live streaming enabling consumers' full access of itsover 40 millions videos on the web repository. The break-through coretechnology "real time video trans-coding" is applied on major mobile platforms,now in open beta for Symbian, Andriod, Windows Mobile, and in closed beta foriPhone and iPad. Globally Tudou is the first video website rolling out realtime video trans-coding access to its complete video library.

Most of the time, when an analytics score is delivered, users are met with an  apparently arbitrary number, like in Klout, HubSpot Graders, etc. I enjoy the perspective, but don’t always know exactly what all of the factors really mean. Back end “special sauce” algorithms make many of the scores determining factors in how well you’re “using them,” but they don’t usually help users understand exactly what to do if they want to change anything about performance.