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Online video platform Brightcove said the first half of its year has seen its global customer base double to more than 1,800 publishers, putting more distance between itself and the other nearly five dozen companies in the category. And, it said, it plans to introduce more product enhancements in the second half of the year while also building infrastructure and publisher support.

When it comes to Internet and mobile application development, it is often said that the most popular model is called C2C, which stands for “copy to China.” In simple terms, this boils down to copying a successful application in the west, such as YouTube (Chinese versions include Tudou, Youku and Ku6), Facebook (whose Chinese versions include Kaixin and Renren), Twitter, which has become a hit application for in the form of Sina Weibo (which means mini-broadcast) and for copycats of Foursquare, the hit location-tagging site for mobile phones.

Eight months after acquiring the company for around $300 million, Apple announced today that it will be closing the mobile ad network operated by Quattro Wireless in order to focus its efforts on its newly launched iAd product. Meanwhile, competing network Millennial Media is rumored to be in acquisition talks with handset manufacturer RIM, as major companies scramble to snap up emerging players in the bourgeoning mobile advertising space.

ShortTail Media, a company that helps publishers deliver video ads to text-based portions of their Web sites, has inked a deal with the Web video network/technology firm TidalTV.

As part of that deal, publishers in TidalTV's network, including 30 newspaper sites owned by The McClatchy Company, have begun selling advertisers ShortTail's signature D30 ad unit—a video interstitial, which appears as users click between various Web pages.