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The online video ad network space has earned something of a reputation for murkiness, which has helped fuel interest in a string of ad verification companies that aim to ensure brands' ads run where they are supposed to.

ScanScout, one of the growing players in online video, already claims that it’s technology can prevent an advertiser’s ads from running alongside questionable content. But to take things a step further, the company says it will now be fully transparent upfront with its advertisers about what sites their campaigns will appear on.

For travel geeks, the go-to Web site for searching for flights  and airfare  has long been ITA Software. But the service, which also powers major booking engines like Orbitz, Kayak and Bing, was clunky and hard to use, requiring users to click through multiple drop-down menus and and screens.  A redesign called Matrix 2, now in beta, changes that. The redesign offers a more streamlined and intuitive interface. Simply type in the origin, destination and travel dates, and the site returns a comprehensive list of flights, which can be filtered by everything from time to airline.

OnForce, the leading on-site services marketplace that matches service buyers with service professionals to fulfill information technology and consumer electronic work, has appointed Bill Lucchini as Chief Operating Officer (COO). In his new role at OnForce, Lucchini will oversee the development, product, and marketing organizations, and will focus on aligning strategic goals with operational activities.

Black Duck Software says its software assessments for mergers doubled during the first quarter of 2010, from a year ago, and that figures for the second quarter look nearly as good.