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Prematics, Inc., and Capital BlueCross announced recently that they have signed a three-year renewal agreement for Prematics’ electronic prescribing services.  Capital BlueCross has deployed Prematics’ service successfully with over 1,000 practitioners who provide care to nearly one million people in Pennsylvania. Each practitioner is provided with wireless infrastructure and handheld mobile devices that perform e-prescribing functions and connect physicians with clinical information on their patients.

Irving, TX-based Michaels Stores has hired Demandware to relaunch its website and e-commerce capabilities. The service provider will add enhanced customer ratings, product reviews, a hosted social community and user-generated content to the company's site.

Remember HubSpot? The Cambridge-based startup that has tapped the rising tide of social media by creating Inbound Marketing.  We’ve told you about many facets of this company already, but timeout:
Did you know that HubSpot supplies all kinds of free social media tools for non-paying users to take advantage of? I’ll cut to the chase and tell you about the newest one, because it’s a total innovation over their previous releases

In the early 1990s, Jeremy Wertheimer started thinking about how smarter software could change the travel industry.  This was before the emergence of the Web, but Wertheimer, a doctoral student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s artificial intelligence lab, was already convinced that travel agents needed a more flexible way to search for airfares than the mainframe-based systems they were using, which dated back to the 1960s.