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Google is in the process of acquiring ITA Software, an airfare information provider that brings the company into the realm of vertical travel search. It also creates potentially awkward competition with ITA customers like Kayak and Bing. But travel isn’t the only thing ITA does; a few years ago, a research division of the company started a build-your-own-database tool for web data. Needlebase, as it’s known, is a nifty way to give structure to disorganized and constantly changing information on any topic.

Every month, about 300 million people in China are using a computer to watch Chinese TV dramas, Japanese and Korean sitcoms, and even American films and television series like “Twilight” and “Gossip Girl.” Live streaming of the recent World Cup also drew a huge online audience.

TubeMogul launched the Web's first free suite of video player analytics today. InPlay easily integrates in minutes with any site and can be activated for every major video player on the Web.

Demandware, Inc., the global leader in on-demand ecommerce, today announced the addition of 24 new technology partners to its LINK Program. With a growing community of more than 50 vendors across North America and Europe, Demandware LINK is the largest enterprise ecommerce technology partner program in the industry, allowing Demandware clients to choose from a wide selection of no cost, pre-built and approved product integrations. In the three months since launch, Demandware clients worldwide have used LINK integrations to complete 18 projects and have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in integration costs.