Press for Software, Systems and Services

OnForce, the leading on-site services marketplace that matches service buyers with service professionals to fulfill information technology and consumer electronic work, has appointed Bill Lucchini as Chief Operating Officer (COO). In his new role at OnForce, Lucchini will oversee the development, product, and marketing organizations, and will focus on aligning strategic goals with operational activities.

Black Duck Software says its software assessments for mergers doubled during the first quarter of 2010, from a year ago, and that figures for the second quarter look nearly as good.

Video platform provider Brightcove June 22 released a software development kit for smartphones based on Google's Android operating system and new mobile templates for Adobe Flash Player 10.1, which launched with support for Android 2.2 devices in the Android Market. Brightcove's support for Android comes as multimedia consumption on smartphones are on the rise. This is particularly true on the iPhone and Android devices, which are powerful enough to serve video, animations, games and other content without a hitch.

BBN Technologies has achieved a major advance in quantum information technology with the coupling of light and superconductors.