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ChoiceStream, the premier recommendations service provider for the world’s largest brands including Tesco,, Borders, Blockbuster, Ticketmaster and AT&T, today announced part one of the findings of its 2009 Personalization Survey to help retailers align their 2010 recommendation strategies with consumer demands. According to the survey, there is a significant opportunity for product recommendations to lift mobile commerce revenue with 65 percent of m-commerce shoppers indicating that they would buy more products from their mobile devices if it were easier to find products on them from trusted retailers. Alternatively, consumers are not as interested in shopping when engaged with social networks. The survey also finds the placement, or location, of product recommendations within an e-commerce site to be a key determinant of whether or not consumers make a purchase, with product detail pages emerging as the clear winner in terms of sales conversion.

Leading in-stream online video advertising company ScanScout today announced comScore's November Video Metrix ranking lists the company's potential reach in the United States at over 68 million unique viewers per month, 40 percent of the country's internet audience. ScanScout boosted the size of its network from October to November by 40 percent, growing from 49 million unique users to 68 million.  

From a Twitter client for World of Warcraft to a natural language processing system for the clinical health care community, open source projects have the answer to an increasing range of development challenges, according to Black Duck Software, which today announced its 2009 open source 'Rookies of the Year' list.

The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE: PG) and e-commerce services leader PFSweb, Inc. (Nasdaq: PFSW) will begin piloting an online store this month. Named the eStore, the online shopping site will be owned and operated by PFSweb and exclusively feature P&G products to consumers in the U.S. The eStore is planned to launch this spring, following a pilot of the site with 5,000 consumers that will begin in the coming weeks.