Press for Software, Systems and Services

Eager to snap up a company that makes some much-used travel-search technology—and keep it out of Google Inc.'s hands—several potential buyers are circling ITA Software Inc., according to people familiar with the matter.

ITA Software, Inc., the leading provider of innovative solutions for the travel industry, today announced that Virgin Atlantic Airways has successfully deployed QPX™ for its website, Virgin Atlantic joins a growing number of European-based airlines using QPX to deliver advanced airfare pricing and shopping capabilities.

Data that help doctors and life sciences companies improve patient care and reduce costs will be their most valuable asset in five years, according to a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers. If so, then Boston-based Humedica, Inc. stands to be a big winner.

In the heart of a baseball fan, there is only space for one team: the Red Sox or the Yankees. And rarely does the allegiance flip.  In the tech world, Boston entrepreneurs have historically taken it for granted that Boston venture capitalists loved them first, best, and forever.  But lately, they can’t help noticing how many local investors seem to be “carrying bags of money south on the Acela,’’ as Jules Pieri puts it. Pieri is founder of a Lexington e-commerce start-up called Daily Grommet Inc.