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Last month was not at all about equality, at least when it came to venture investing. Overall, monthly venture investing totals have remained pretty stable for most of the spring in Massachusetts, hovering around the $200 million neighborhood, based on data provided by private company intelligence platform CB Insights. (That’s only counting deals worth $1 million and up; we’ll write about the sub-$1 million startup financings in a separate story.) The real news each month has been whether the investments have been distributed on a relatively egalitarian basis across sectors, or whether one particular industry has charged ahead to take the majority of venture dollars.

Hugh Herr can phone his ankles.

An associate professor at the MIT-Harvard Div. of Heath Sciences and Technology, he can do that because, after losing his legs 28 years ago, he refused to accept the state of the art in prosthetic technology.

China's leading video website Tudou ( ) and leading portal Tencent joint efforts in launching Tudou and Soso partnered video search service ( ) today.

The online video ad network space has earned something of a reputation for murkiness, which has helped fuel interest in a string of ad verification companies that aim to ensure brands' ads run where they are supposed to.

ScanScout, one of the growing players in online video, already claims that it’s technology can prevent an advertiser’s ads from running alongside questionable content. But to take things a step further, the company says it will now be fully transparent upfront with its advertisers about what sites their campaigns will appear on.