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VistA, the health record system created by the Veterans Administration long before the term “open source” was even in use, is still the most-important element in open source health IT.
But it’s far from the only one, according to a new analysis from Black Duck Software

Department stores led year-over-year growth in first quarter e-commerce sales, with a rise of 76.1%, e-commerce technology provider Demandware Inc. says in a performance index based on its U.S. and European clients.  The index, which is based on retail e-commerce sales at 126 web sites that operate on Demandware’s software-as-a-service e-commerce platform, also notes that Q1 year-over-year growth at European sites far outpaced their U.S. counterparts, 66.9% to 18.3%.

If Google buys ITA Software and cuts off ITA’s contracts with travel metasearch and airline websites, will Expedia try to fill the void?  Kayak co-founder and CEO Steve Hafner says the metasearch company has been evaluating Expedia’s Best Fare Search air search and pricing engine “and we like it. Plus, it seems to be cheaper than ITA’s QPX.”

Prematics, Inc., and Capital BlueCross announced recently that they have signed a three-year renewal agreement for Prematics’ electronic prescribing services.  Capital BlueCross has deployed Prematics’ service successfully with over 1,000 practitioners who provide care to nearly one million people in Pennsylvania. Each practitioner is provided with wireless infrastructure and handheld mobile devices that perform e-prescribing functions and connect physicians with clinical information on their patients.