Press for Software, Systems and Services

Elemental Technologies has raised $7.1 million in a new round of financing that could grow to $9 million when it’s finished. 

Enterprise IT is under pressure to transform from bottleneck to business enabler. The rise of public cloud services such as Amazon EC2 have provided a clear example of what enterprise IT is expected to become: a simple, self-service on-demand infrastructure provider. IT organizations that fail to make this transformation will watch in vain as rogue workloads follow the path of least resistance to the public cloud.

IPS AGSE Pte Ltd has successfully completed the installation of two Computed Tomography, dual energy X-ray systems for scanning of passenger hand luggage for VIP flights at a leading airport in South East Asia.

QUMAS, the leading provider of Compliance Solutions to highly regulated companies, today announced the launch of its Enterprise Compliance Solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 at the 46th Annual Drug Information Association (DIA) Conference. The solution addresses all aspects of compliance content and process management, from Clinical through Regulatory, and on to Sales & Marketing, IT and Legal.