Press for Disruptive Technology

Vette Corp, a leading global provider of data center thermal management solutions, has been selected by Syracuse University and IBM (NYSE: IBM) to deliver cooling infrastructure in one of the world’s most energy-efficient data centers. The new data center project represents a partnership among Vette, Syracuse University, IBM, and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The data center is expected to use 50 percent less energy than a typical data center, making it one of the "greenest" computer centers in operation.

Advanced Electron Beams (AEB), whose compact electron beam technology helps traditional manufacturers become more environmentally sustainable while improving profitability, today unveiled a new umbrella brand called BluBlu, which the company is calling “the color of innovation,” encompasses all of AEB’s solutions, which harness the power of compact electron beams for sterilization in food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging. Blu-powered applications for these industries will be more sustainable, more efficient and more cost-effective, replacing conventional chemical- and heat-based sterilization methods that waste energy and water, and pollute the environment.