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Using cloud-based services for data avoids traditional business IT concerns of ensuring that locally stored data is protected and backed up -- but what if something happens to that cloud-based service, or your ability to connect to it?

"About one-third of data loss is due to user error, whether for local data on user drives or online," says Rob May, founder and CEO of Backupify. "For example, deleting an email message from Gmail, or somebody modifying or deleting a shared Google Doc, or an account being hacked and deleted.

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Updated: Facebook has popularized the use of the term “social graph” as a way of describing all the various social connections you have to people in your life, both online and in the real world. But Chris Dixon, co-founder of and an angel investor in a number of web startups, says in a blog post published today that there is more than just one kind of social graph — in fact, he argues that there are actually about half a dozen different kinds, including graphs related to location and recommendations. Whether he is right or not, one thing seems pretty clear: Facebook not only wants to own them all, but is well on its way to doing so.

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RAMP, the industry’s leading Content Optimization platform for major online media publishers, announced today that existing customer, FOX Sports Interactive Media (FSIM), has chosen to expand the search and publishing solutions provided by RAMP to 3 Web properties including, and the websites of the FOX Soccer Channel and FOX Sports En Espanol.  FOX Sports Net plans to launch the RAMP search and publishing solutions on their Regional sports sites later this year.

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Cloud Computing promises to free applications from vendor lock-in and the confines of company walls. Business is on the move with laptops, smart phones, and tablets. Access to applications can no longer be limited to a desk, building or campus. But with the new found freedom that the Cloud promises comes a very different set of security challenges.

Today at the Cloud Identity Summit, Ping Identity CEO Andre Durand challenged a group of Internet industry leaders to work together to solve the protocol and architectural challenges of identity management in the Cloud that is creating a growing number of user passwords and threatening Cloud Computing’s long-term success.

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