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Hunch, the Web site that asks users questions in order to help them answer their own, is going through a minor identity crises.

Last week, cofounder Caterina Fake announced that Hunch would no longer work for anybody but registered users.

Caterina said that because of this change "traffic will plummet."

We think Caterina and her cofounder, famed angel investor Chris Dixon, should take this moment to reevaluate what they have in Hunch and do something different with it.

What's so impressive about Hunch is its machine learning.  Asking users just 20 or so questions – like "Can you do 10 pull-ups?" or "Do you spoon? Or are you spooned?" – Hunch's algorithm, built by a bunch of MIT grads, can tell where a user is from, their political and sexual orientation, their gender, their age, their race, what kind of car they drive, magazines they read, and on and on.

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Several travel and search website companies, along with Microsoft Corp., are banding together in an attempt to buy Cambridge travel technology company ITA Software Inc. from under the nose of Internet giant Google Inc., according to people involved in the discussions.

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Eager to snap up a company that makes some much-used travel-search technology—and keep it out of Google Inc.'s hands—several potential buyers are circling ITA Software Inc., according to people familiar with the matter.

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CCP, the Icelandic developer behind Eve Online, has opened a new UK-based studio in Newcastle. Sweet.  Focusing on console games, CCP Newcastle will collaborate with Shanghai-based CCP Asia on the excellent-looking Dust 514, an MMO shooter that will link with the Eve Online universe.

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