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Armaan Ali

“My curiosity is strong and genuine and I appreciate that quality in others. I am driven to support passionate founders solving meaningful and often times complex problems.”

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so the challenges and opportunities that founders face have played a formative role in my life experience. While studying economics at Stanford, I was exposed to ideas from peers and mentors who were incredibly knowledgeable in a wide range of areas. Inspired, I brought together a couple of my classmates to raise a fund to invest in ambitious companies, primarily started by Stanford students, professors and alumni. I learned an incredible amount by spending time with those entrepreneurs about: starting businesses, launching products, and taking them to market.

Before long, through investing and becoming friends with several founders, I began to meet VCs and learned quickly which of them had values similar to mine. General Catalyst stood out for me because of its emphasis on the important role trust and camaraderie play as founders and investors set out together to accomplish incredible things.

If you believe you can do something revolutionary – which often times is something others might back away from – let’s get together and explore it.